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Help Us Fight USDA Overreach

The USDA Inspector's overreach has already had tremendous impact on our Farm, our staff, and our visitors. If it is allowed to continue unchecked, the overreach will continue to have devastating impacts for years to come.

The Impact of USDA Overreach

These photos show just a few of the areas where the USDA Inspector's Interpretation of the rules impacts our farm and your visit.

The Impact on  The Farm

The impact of the USDA’s overreach on The Farm at Walnut Creek is tremendous. The inconsistent interpretation of Animal Care Guidelines puts an enormous burden on our business and our valued employees.

Being forced to react to ever-changing interpretations of existing laws and rules creates an enormous increase in cost. We have already been forced to spend over $50,000 in the 2024 just to remain open.

The USDA inspection process combined with the restrictions imposed on our operations and the need to rapidly reconstruct areas of the Farm to pass the inspection has placed enormous stress on our owners and employees.

Perhaps the worst impact on our Farm is the extreme uncertainty created by the USDA’s overreach and constantly changing rules interpretations. It is nearly impossible to plan for the day-to-day operation of the Farm let alone future additions or improvements.

Employing members of the Amish community has been the experience of a lifetime and we value each employee like family. The stress and uncertainty is also unfair to our employees.

That is why the government overreach - stops here.

The Impact on  You - Our  Visitors

The impact of not having our Farm or the public not engaging with the animals is significant. For years we have hosted thousands of children with special needs, elderly in need of companionship, and those struggling with long-term illness. The stories that they have shared with us are heartwarming and sometimes heart wrenching.

The impact to you extends to your visit to The Farm through limited access to the animals…and currently no access to the walk through areas.

Media Inquiries

Contact Jeremy Dunlap, Interim Political and Communications Director for all media requests: 615.686.0776

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