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Ring Tail Lemurs
Lemur catta
Conservation Status
Ring Tail Lemurs at The Farm at Walnut Creek

Ring Tail Lemurs have large eyes and an opposable large toe and thumb. Their hind legs are larger than their front legs enabling them to jump great distances. Ring-tailed lemurs are very shy and timid, but also very playful. This lemur is diurnal meaning they are active during the day rather than night. They live in large groups with an equal number of each sex. In contrast to other lemur species, this species is primarily a ground dweller. The offspring consistently cling to the mother for the first three months of life. The baby can get around by itself at approximately seven months.

The Ring Tail Lemurs at The Farm at Walnut Creek live in a large enclosure that makes it very easy for visitors to see the Lemur families and observe these primates behaviors.

Habitat & Range
Despite reproducing readily in captivity and being the most populous lemur in zoos worldwide, numbering more than 2,000 individuals, the ring-tailed lemur is listed as endangered. As of early 2017, the population in the wild is believed to have crashed as low as 2,000 individuals.
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