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Bactrian Camel
Camelus bactrianus
Bactrian Camels at The Farm at Walnut Creek

Bactrian camels are the largest animals in the desert. They can survive in temperatures ranging from 122 degrees to minus 20 degrees. Contrary to popular belief, their humps (yes, 2 of them!) store fat, not water. Bactrian camels provide nomads in Asia with wool, meat, and milk. They also carry heavy loads and provide transportation. Bactrian camels have long eyelashes in double rows and a third eyelid that acts like a windshield wiper to wash sand or dirt out of their eyes. Their nostrils can close to provide protection from blowing sand. Their broad, flat feet have leathery pads and two toes on each foot which helps prevent them from sinking into sand or snow.

Physical Description
Height/Weight: up to 10 feet tall/ 1300-2200 lbs Lifespan: approximately 40 years
Habitat & Range
Central Asia from Afghanistan to China up to Mongolia and the Gobi desert.
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