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During our recent routine USDA re-licensure inspection, USDA inspectors applied new interpretations to previously existing animal welfare regulations that have dramatically impacted The Farm at Walnut Creek and our ability to provide the uniquely educational animal interactions we have become known for.

In recent years the USDA has increasingly become more aggressive in both new interpretations of old regulations and issuing citations without sufficient evidence of cause. In short, instead of relying on the actual regulations of the Animal Welfare Act the USDA inspectors utilize inspection guides as their means of interpretation and execution of law. The subjective inspection guide creates an avenue for government overreach and lack of consistency among inspectors when interpreting the Animal Welfare Act.

It stops here. With the assistance of numerous other drive through parks, a team of qualified USDA, legal, and political experience - The Farm at Walnut Creek is leading the charge to push back against this tyrannical overreach. We need your help. The Country needs your help.

Our Current Situation

On March 8, 2024, USDA regulations were changed that targeted the Farm at Walnut Creek and will directly impact your ability to interact with the animals in the drive-through portion of the park. The regulations could also have an impact on horse-drawn carriages.

Per regulations for USDA re-licensure, on March 16, 2024 the Farm at Walnut Creek underwent a standard review by USDA inspectors. During that inspection:

  • There were no issues with animal care and treatment. One bird that was “cited,” unbeknownst to the inspectors, was molting its feathers and required no additional care.
  • An additional 1,200-foot barrier will be required in a portion of the drive-through area. This barrier was quickly constructed at a cost of $12,000 only for the USDA to “change its opinion” days later to no longer require the barrier.
  • Additional fencing barriers around the walk-through portion of the park
  • Install additional fencing barriers around other animals, including sheep and goats.

View the USDA Inspection Interviews Here

On May 2, 2024 we dramatically changed our operations due to USDA Inspector overreach and new regulations by USDA Animal Care

  1. The walk-through portion of the park was closed until further notice due to the reinterpretation of old regulations by USDA Animal Care.
  2. Feeding the animals from your car is no longer permitted. While the drive-through park will remain open for your enjoyment, feeding the animals from your car is no longer permitted. This is due to safety concerns for the animals and the public expressed by the government.
  3. Visitors to the Park may no longer ride in the back of pickup trucks.
  4. At this time, wagon rides will still be available.

We successfully passed our USDA re-inspection on May 2, 2024 with the onerous USDA restrictions outlined above.

Media Inquiries

Contact Jeremy Dunlap, Interim Political and Communications Director for all media requests: 615.686.0776

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