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Moluccan Cockatoo
Moluccan Cockatoo at The Farm at Walnut Creek

The Moluccan cockatoo is one of the most exciting members of the cockatoo family, both in appearance and intelligence. The most distinctive features are its large size and bright salmon pink coloration of the head crest feathers. It has white-pink feathers with a definite peachy glow and a large retractable crest which it raises when threatened. Moluccan cockatoos live in small flocks of 20 or more birds. They are peaceful birds but are considered pests in the wild where they attack young coconuts. The Moluccan cockatoo can no longer be imported into the US
because it is listed in the Wild Bird Conservation Act. This bird is highly intelligent and complex and is also very emotionally needy.

Physical Description
Size/Wingspan: At 19-20 inches (47.5-50cm) this is the largest of the white cockatoos with the female being larger than the males. Life Span: Average of 65 or more years
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