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Blue and Gold Macaw
Ara ararauna
Blue and Gold Macaws at The Farm at Walnut Creek

As their name implies, these birds are blue and gold in color. Their beak, capable of exerting about 40 pounds of
pressure, also serves as a hand and is used extensively by the macaws when climbing. They have four toes on each
foot ending in a long curved toe nail. The two outer toes curve forward while the two inner toes curve backward.
This allows them to have an excellent grasp of a perch or tree limb. Macaws also have locking tendons in their
lower ankle area to prevent falling off their perch when sleeping. Their sense of smell is thought to be poor, but
their vision and tactile senses are excellent. When born the young are about the size of golf ball, pink, naked and

Habitat & Range
South America
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