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Axis Deer
Cervus axis
Axis Deer at The Farm at Walnut Creek

The Axis deer is also known as the Chital deer, which means spotted in Hindustani. This is very fitting for an animal that retains its spots throughout its life. Axis deer are often considered the most beautiful member of the Cervidae family. Besides their distinct beauty, several characteristics distinguish Axis from other types of deer. They do not have a specific rut season. This means no matter what time of year you visit us, you may see some bucks in hard horn and some in velvet. This also means fawns can be seen at The Farm year-round.

Physical Description
Height/Weight: 29-39.5 inches at shoulder/145-250 pounds Life Span: 22 years
Habitat & Range
Foothills of the Himalayas through most of India to Ceylon
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4147 County Road 114
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