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Angora Goat
Capra aegagrus hircus
Angora Goats at The Farm at Walnut Creek

The Angora goat is an ancient breed, dating back to as early as the 14th century. These thick-haired goats originate in Turkey and are named after the country’s capital, Ankara, historically known as Angora. To the untrained eye, the Angora goat could be mistaken for a sheep due to their thick, curly coat. They are the only breed of goat to produce a sought-after fiber known as mohair. Apart from being beautiful to look at, mohair is a popular material in the production of garments such as sweaters. The Angora goat has a pleasant personality and is known for being a very curious creature, but they are not the hardiest of breeds.

Physical Description
Height: Males: 48 inches at shoulder / Females: 36 inches at shoulder Weight: Males: 180 - 225 pounds / Females: 70 - 110 pounds
Habitat & Range
Turkey, Argentina, United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia.
Gestation: 150 days
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