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African Pygmy Goat
Capra hircus
African Pygmy Goats at The Farm at Walnut Creek

Both sexes of the African Pygmy Goat have horns. They are vegetarians that prefer browse to pasture. To reach high branches they stand on their hind legs. They are agile climbers due in part to the hair that grows between their hooves and gives them traction on smooth surfaces. When threatened, the herd will form a ring with the pregnant females and young in the center. Single births are common the first time, but after that twins or triplets are not uncommon. Their hair is short and fine during the summer, but that can adapt to colder climates by producing a thick, wooly undercoat.

Physical Description
Height/Weight: 16-23 inches at shoulder / Males: average of 90 pounds Females: average of 70 pounds
Habitat & Range
West Africa
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