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School Groups & Field Trips

We welcome all types of groups and school field trips at The Farm at Walnut Creek. For students, it's a one-of-a-kind opportunity that provides hands-on, face-to-face education.
Field Trip Admission
Trip Planner
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Field Trip & Group Rates
15 or more people including all ages 2 & up – $15.00 per person.
School Groups - For every 10 students, 1 teacher gets in free.
One 64oz feed bucket for every 2 people included on the wagon ride.
To Schedule Your Field Trip - Please Call (330) 893-4200


School Animal Field Trips
Please arrive 45 minutes prior to your reserved wagon ride time. This will allow time to check in and bathroom breaks. Check in: Please have the exact number of children, parents and teachers upon arrival. This will ensure a smooth check in process.

Please remind those parents driving separately to arrive 45 minutes prior to ride time.

Food & Water

School Lunches at The Farm at Walnut Creek
We do not have water fountains. Please plan ahead to make sure students are hydrated. We do have a Gift Store where water can be purchased.

The Farm at Walnut Creek does not offer food on site so please plan to bring a lunch or arrange for meals elsewhere.

Catering can be arranged from local  vendors if you desire.


Hand Sanitizer
Because we have a limited number of bathrooms, please only use them for potty breaks. There are hand sanitizing and hand washing stations located by the horse barn and picnic shelter.

Allergies & Medical Needs

First Aid, Allergies,
Please take any medical devices or medicine on the wagon ride. The wagon rides last about 45 minutes to an hour. It could be difficult to get back to the buses in time to retrieve the appropriate medicine. Also, the animal feed DOES NOT contain peanuts.

Please email us if you would like a copy of the feed ingredients.


Field Trip Payment
Please make arrangements prior to your arrive. Options for payment are check, purchase order or cash. Parents and guardians who ride the bus to The Farm at Walnut Creek should pay the school prior to arrival while those who drive separate should pay upon arrival.
To Schedule Your Field Trip - Please Call (330) 893-4200
Connect With Us
Connect With Us
4147 County Road 114
Sugarcreek, OH 44681
PH: (330) 893-4200
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